Friday, 7 November 2014

Tales of Sorcery

My book Tales of Sorcery will be released on the 5th of January.

The price is 25,00 USD.
Freight charges : For Europe - 5,00 USD
                                For North and South America - 10,00 USD
                                Antarctica : 85,00 USD
                                Everywhere else : 15,00 USD

Preorders will have a 20% discount.

This discount doesn't apply to freight charges.

Payment by paypal only

For ordering post a comment or send me an e-mail.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Crowdfunding for War - The Islamic State, Egregores and Sorcery

Crowdfunding for War
The Islamic State, Egregores and Sorcery

You have seen it all over the news. The crucifications. The beheadings. The Califate saying that they will conquer Europe in five to ten years.
Your leaders call for press conferences to assure you that everything is all right. They order bombings in far away lands and say that victory is certain.

You have seen it all before.

They have been wrong every time.

Your leaders and their consiglieri don’t understand what they are fighting against, they don’t know the nature of the beast.
To fight it efficiently, people have to understand that they are fighting simultaneously against four things :

1 -           The people, from the foot soldier to the supreme ruler of the Califate.
                (Highly disciplined, fanatical, ruthless, clever, shielded from fear by the absolute belief in a blissful after life)

2 -           The culture.
(Razias, vengeance, cleaning the honour with blood, being a martir and a mujahideen as the supreme honour and joy that one can aspire)

3 -           The propaganda machine.
(Efficient and to the point, very much like the nazi propaganda, with an effective use of today’s media tools. People don’t realize that every time that they share their videos they’re doing exactly what the Califate wants)

4 -           The egregore.For those of you that don’t know what that is Wikipedia gives a reasonable definition.
                Let’s not forget, that every time that they crucify or behead someone, apart from propaganda they are performing (by accident or by design) a human sacrifice. Such sacrifices not only pump up the egregore, but also feed  a frightening amount of unsavory magical creatures, that will do everything in their power to help those that feed them.

As a result the Califate is spreading it’s influence and power to places that you won’t believe. One in every four young men of Arabic ancestry currently living in France openly supports the Califate.  While your leaders and secret services were looking the other way the Sharia Law was decreed on several streets of London. The Islamic State welcomes and trains men from all races and nationalities. There have been identified members from Italy, Great Britain, Portugal and China. It doesn’t matter where they come from for as long as they’ve embraced their version of Islam and are willing to kill and die for it.

So, I regret to inform you that it is possible (and may even be probable) that the Islamic State manages to secure an empire in the next 10 to 20 years and may even drop the USA to it’s knees by controlling the flow of oil.

Those are the bad news.

I know that several of you think that magic can save the day. You gather your friends or the members of your order and do a ritual (or pray) to make sure that they’re wiped out. I’m afraid that it won’t work. It has been tried.
It is like the average boxer managing to land a powerful  punch to Mike Tyson’s body. It hurts, but it is only a punch.
 By now their egregore is too strong and those unsavory magical creatures mentioned earlier protect them. While they keep doing what they’re doing they’ll keep them happy. Not only that but they’re mujahideen, sacred warriors. Their status and their practices gives them spiritual authority and dominion.

For magic to work it has to be constant and systematic. One working, and another and another, and another… Every day or almost every day until their unity is broken , their egregore shattered and those creatures change their allegiance. It is not easy. It would require at least ten months to one year for it to work. Unless you’re Bruce Wayne I don’t think that you can put your life on hold and take a sabbatical for doing that.

The alternative is crowdfunding  of one or more professional sorcerers to make sure that they don’t have to worry with anything else except to magically attack the Islamic State.

I am one of them.
If someone wants to fund me, my basic needs are fairly modest. I would need 36000 USD ( that’s 692,31 USD per week) for a whole years of campaign, and that includes expenses with offerings and magical supplies.

Donations can be sent by paypal to

If you’re interested in helping, forward this to as many people as possible, and consider donating a few dollars.

If not forward just the same.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Regular day

Performed offerings..
Sung mantras.
Did workings for some clients.
Performed ceremony  to protect and clear paths for me, family and friends.
Feeling good.

Friday, 2 May 2014

1st of May

It is the First of May.
I will perform a full working for job related problems to the first 3 people that ask for it. For free..

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Considerations about love spells

Considerations about Love Spells

Most so called magicians cringe at the idea of Love Spells.
Administrators and moderators of internet forums connected to the Occult delete thread after thread where people request help to conquer someone.
Unfortunately most people never understand why their thread was deleted and instead of trying to learn something on those forums, end up paying fortunes to people like us that may or may not be able (and/or willing) to perform what they want.

Here I will try to explain the reasons why most magicians in the internet, refuse to do or teach those spells.

1 – The first one is pretty obvious. Being the internet what it is, most so called mages/witches that dwell on it are nothing more than hot air on a screen, without any real capacities or skills.

2 - To second reason is that it is painfully obvious that most people don't have a clue about why their loved ones avoid them.
The sentence that we hear the most is : “She/he told me that he/she loved me like a brother/sister”
What does this means? It can mean precisely what it says but quite often it means something like :”You're ni ce but your breath stinks so bad that you make me want to throw up.” or “You want to have sex with me me but I suspect that you have AIDS” or “Sorry, but I am interested in your sister/brother/mother/father/best friend and I don't want to ruin my chances with him/her/them.”
When you are really loved like a brother/sister it is easy to deepen and sexualize that feeling. However when the person avoids someone because of something like their smell, we have a totaly different problem. The obvious answer is to tell the client to go to the dentist, to check it's stomach for problems, and to brush it's teeth 2 or 3 times a day. Or to take a bath and change it's shoes regularly
Quite often the client doesn't want to hear the obvious answers. And them we have to find a solution. The unexperiencede magician does one of two things. Either refuses the client or performs a spell to give him/her/they what she/he/they wants/want. And that means that the target will be intrisecally changed. He/she may stop brushing his/her teeth, washing it's clothes or taking a bath regularly. Instead of a beauty prince/princess the client may end up with Shrek. It would almost be funny if the clients 99 times in 100 didn't decided that they don't care for that person anymore. And the target is damaged, quite often for life, or until another magician/witch/sorcerer cleans up the mess that the former did..

That is not a smart move. The experienced magician/witch/sorcerer would do a big display of reading the client's energy and would say that the working that the client wants would only work after he has a curse/spell lifted. He/She could give the client a flask with liquid and/or a small bag with powder together with instructions for use (i.e: put two drops of this on your soap and take two baths a day, during a month. Mix half this powder with a pound of talk powder and put it on your shoes. Never use the same shoes two days in a row.), ask the client for a a bit of hair, a nail clipping or a drop of blood, and book a new consultation with the client for the next month. And during that month the magician would make serious work to change the client and to make it more atractive. Usually nothing more is needed. After the month is done the client is usually in a relationship, either with that person or with another... And clients that believe that we saved them from a curse (even if it is the curse of their own stupidity), are generous.

There is also another type of client. The tired man or woman, that has been burned with the wrong relationships, over and over, but still wants love. Those people end up believing that they were cursed, and in half the cases that is absolutely true. The solution is simple. Lift up that curse, if there is one, and if you are able to do it (otherwise request help or tell the client to visit another professional) and do a working to bring him/her the perfect person. With 6,5 billion people in the world it is perfectly feasable to do that. At least a few thousand people will share the caractheristics that the client requires, whatever those are (including sexual preferences).